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Hi. I’m Attorney Steve Rice with Steve Rice Law. Welcome.

If you’re here, that probably means you’re in trouble. You or somebody you love.

DUI? Drugs? Theft, rape — murder?

Whatever the charge is, you’re probably worried. Guilty or innocent, you’re probably scared.

We get it. We see it. We know what our clients go through. And we know how to help. We’re criminal defense attorneys. This is what we do.

Please. Give us a call or send us an email.

If you want more information first, that’s fine, too. Go ahead and explore our website. Take a look at what sets our firm apart. Or learn about our free consultations.

When you’re ready to take the next step, let us know.

Offices in Gettysburg, Chambersburg, Carlisle, and Hanover, Pennsylvania.

A Preview

For people who want to learn more about us.

Take a look behind the curtain.

The Difference

We don’t dabble. We do one thing: criminal defense.


Our People

We have the knowledge. The experience. The skill.


Our Services

Yes: Every crime. Every procedure. Every court.


Service Area

Basically, South Central Pennsylvania. And beyond.


Office Locations

People want local lawyers. Local offices. Local know-how.


Fee Structure

It’s true. One size—one fee does not fit all.


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If you’re too busy to go through our site page by page, try the audio version, available on SoundCloud. A first for law firms! You can listen to the complete soundtrack in the morning or on your way to work — and do it safely. Just press play. Then get on with your day. Do you want to try it?


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If you can’t read English, don’t worry about it. At the bottom of this page is a translation genie. It will translate the words on this site into a language you can understand. To use the genie, just select your language from the drop-down menu. Then presto!

But what if you want to call us? If you speak Spanish, but not English, no problem. Let us introduce you to Natali R., one of our legal assistants. She is fluent in both Spanish and English. She can help you on the phone or during meetings with our firm.


Genio de traduccion

Si usted no puede leer inglés, no te preocupes. Al final de esta página hay un genio de traducir. Con el puedes traducir las palabras en este sitio a un idioma que usted pueda entender. Para usar el genio solamente seleccione su idioma en el menú despegable. Entonces ¡listo!

Pero que sí usted quiere llamarnos? Si usted habla español, y no inglés, pues no hay problema. Le presentamos a Natali R., una de nuestras asistentes legales. Habla con fluidez en español y en inglés. Ella te puede ayudar en el teléfono o durante las reuniones con nuestra firma.


“40 Church Rd, East Berlin”

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Where is Judge Matthew Harvey’s Office located?

The Office of Magisterial District Judge Tony Little is located at 40 Church Road, East Berlin, PA 17316. It is in Adams County. Judge Little presides over Magisterial District Court 51-3-03, which is located at the same address. Think of this Office/Court as a little... read more

“Nobody will care.”

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What if a witness lies at the preliminary hearing ?

At the preliminary hearing, if a witness accuses you of a crime, and s/he is lying, nobody will care. Not enough to do anything about it. Sure, there are laws against perjury and false reports and that sort of thing. But there’s also this other general rule of... read more

“45D West Hanover St, Gettysburg”

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Where is Judge Daniel Bowman’s Office located?

The Office of Magisterial District Judge Daniel Bowman is located at 45D West Hanover Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325. It is in Adams County. Judge Bowman presides over Magisterial District Court 51-3-02, which is located at the same address. Think of this Office/Court... read more

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