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Our Technology

100 % cloud-based. So we can use our technology anytime, anywhere.

Are we a law firm? Or a technology company?

We see the forest. And the trees.

Salesforce is the #1 cloud CRM (Customer Relationship Management app). Salesforce links it all together: you, your case, contacts related to your case, and activities related to your case. Including events and tasks. They’re a click away. What makes Salesforce cutting edge? It can connect and automate almost anything. With the help of the #1 business app marketplace.

Our filing cabinet. Is yours.

Box is an cloud storage app. Sort of an online filing cabinet. That we can use. And you can access. Anytime. Anywhere.




If they forget, we won’t.

Boomerang is a cloud email reminder app for Gmail. The best of its kind. Boomerang enables us to schedule a follow-up reminder after we send an email about your case. What makes Boomerang cutting edge? The ability to return that email to our inbox right when we want to follow-up on it. So when people don’t get back to us, we’re all over it. Literally.