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Phone Numbers (and Extensions)

Scroll to the number you want. Dial/tap the number. Enter the extension.


Toll Free Number


(717) 339-0011

Gettysburg, PA Office (Main Office)


(717) 261-0011

Chambersburg, PA Office


(717) 960-0013

Carlisle, PA Office


Attorney Extensions

Brown, Ruth x 105

Erhard, David x 104

Rice, Steve x 101

Assistant Extensions

S., Whitney (helps Dave) x 102

S., Whitney (helps Steve) x 103

Z., Nancy (helps all) x 100



If we are not available when you call, please leave a voice message. It will automatically be forwarded by email to our cell phones, which we take with us when we leave the office for the day. Atty. Rice and Atty. Erhard check for messages both during and after normal office hours.